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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Why Trick Microhosting?
    2. How to sign up?
    3. How to pay?
    4. Why not unlimited bandwidth?
    5. Who are we?

We try to answer all your questions that may come up regarding our service. Please contact us at and let us know if you can't find an answer to your question below.

Why Trick Microhosting?

Trick Microhosting provides everything an individual or small organization needs to host a website. Trick is designed to be low cost by only selling you what you need and not more than you need. Trick Microhosting provides an easy-to-use control panel and fast, friendly support. We provide a painless and inexpensive hosting solution based on our experience hosting sites for artists and community groups. Check out the testimonials to get an idea why people chose Trick Microhosting.

How to sign up?

You can sign up for Trick Microhosting on the signup page.
  1. Click on "Select Plan" and add the domain you want to sign up with and click "Add Domain." Please note: the domain doesn't have to be a new one. It can be a domain you already own.
  2. The System tells you either the domain is available and asks you to continue to check out or it assumes you own the domain and tells you the name servers. In the second case, you have to point the domain in order to use your Trick Microhosting Account. A second option here is to transfer the domain to us for the mentioned price.
  3. Please choose one of the options and click "Click to Continue."
  4. Please fill out the form and continue the check out.
If you are not able to use the proposed payment option, you can also send funds via wire transfer. In any case, your order will be registered and we will contact you.

How to pay?

At the moment, we provide several payment possibilities. You can pay via PayPal, wire transfer to our Canadian or German bank account and via Visa and Mastercard.

Why not unlimited bandwidth?

"Unlimited bandwidth," or extremely high bandwidth limits, included in many hosting packages sound great. The main purpose of these plans is to sell you more expensive hosting packages by offering resources you don't need and will not be able to use in any case. The term "unlimited bandwidth" signifies that the amount of data transferred from and to the server of each account is not metered, as this measure is not the import one; rather, memory and cpu resources are the limit that is measured. In practice, the amount of bandwidth that can be used is limited by the CPU resources and memory that the server needs to use to serve the data. Webhosts that offer unlimited bandwidth set a limit on the server’s memory and CPU resources that your account can consume. High bandwidth sites on these unlimited plans are automatically suspended by the system for violating memory and CPU usage constraints.

Who are we?

Trick Microhosting is a service of Telekommunisten. Telekommunisten is a Canadian-German workers collective controlled by its workers and committed to staying that way. We believe we can serve our customers best and at the lowest cost by remaining focused on meeting the needs of our workers and customers, not on profits for outside shareholders. Being worker-owned means that all the money you spend on our products goes directly to the maintenance and improvement of the service you receive. We are committed to free software, social justice, environmental protection, international development and building a worker-controlled economy.